The Rouge Project is building a digital marketing coupon ecosystem

Based on a decentralized application on top of the Ethereum blockchain platform

The ecosystem built with smart contracts, will reduce costs, friction and the need of trusted middlemen to produce non-falsifiable, non-repudiable and unique usage coupons.

The platform will also permit the emergence of secure marketplaces where publishers could monetize advertisement of these coupons and where customers could exchange or resell their coupons. The growth of digital coupon is phenomenal and this market is perfectly suited for blockchain principles.


A new kind of marketing coupon services

Simpler to use, more secure, more flexible and more efficient for all actors!

For brands, smart contracts will create fraud-resistant coupons (no double redemption).

For users, the cryptographic nature of Rouge coupons will guarantee their terms; plus they will be able to transfer or resell them on a secondary market.

For publishers, with no middlemen in the equation, they will receive a higher share of revenue stream from coupon ads.


The Rouge Token (RGE)

A specific ERC20 compliant token to use the Rouge platform and its services

Coupon issuers will need RGE to create and manage coupons.

A payout in RGE can be paid to publishers who advertize a coupon.

Coupons are issued with a "reserve" denominated in RGE to pay ads payout and commision fees.

A secondary market for Rouge coupons will open on the platform to let users exchange coupons or redeem them for RGE.


A marketing real world application for the Ethereum platform

the future of digital coupon is on the blockchain

The coupon market is waiting for disruption

The growth of digital coupons is phenomenal but built on inefficient solutions

Coupon ads made easy

Smart contracts are enabling coupon ads with no-middlemen

Unique usage coupon

Each coupon is in essence a unique key associated with an issuer and a user

Fraud-resistant/non-falsifiable coupon

Each coupon is cryptographically signed by the issuer

Secure & non-repudiable coupon

The end of “this coupon is not valid anymore”

Coupon spam and fraud prevention

A RGE network comission will be burned for each coupon not redeemed

Automatic coupon ads bidding system

Coupon can be advertised automatically and securely with smart contracts

CPA or CPR payout

Ads publisher payout only if the coupon is acquired (CPA) or redeemed (CPR)

Secondary market

Users will be able to exchange or redeem in RGE the coupon they do not wish to use them personally.

Naira d'Arcollières


Valentin D. Guillois

Development Lead

Stéphanie Boisset

Web design

Christophe Le Bars


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