The Rouge Network is a voucher and note protocol

as a suite of smart contracts using a specific token — the Rouge token — on Ethereum compatible blockchains.

The Rouge Project is building an open-source platform to reduce costs, friction and the need for trusted middlemen to produce non-falsifiable, non-repudiable and unique usage vouchers. The growth of digital vouchers with its many formats (discount coupons, event tickets, etc) is phenomenal, and these markets are perfect use cases for the smart contract paradigm on a blockchain.

Rouge vouchers are the future of ecommerce and digital marketing: trackable, verifiable, monitizeable, secure and frictionless. The Rouge platform will foster an ecosystem of decentralized applications (ÐApps) opening new possibilities for digital vouchers.


A generic voucher and note protocol

global, trustless, permissionless and decentralized, addressing two major problems

Clearing-House the immense resources challenge of keeping track, using traditional centralized databases, of billions of vouchers, their issuance, their respective users’ ownership, their redemption or the lack thereof.

Fraud non-authenticity, non-uniqueness, double redemption and repudiation are among the biggest problems that plague the issuance of all kind of vouchers.


We believe blockchain is for everyone!

The Rouge Token (RGE)

A utility token, essential component of the Rouge Network's token economics

Tokens may be burned as a negative incentive against spam and to deter malevolent use of the network.

Using smart-contracts, RGE tokens lock in payouts for vouchers distributors (e.g. coupon ads publishers or tickets resellers).

Finally, it's a price discovery mechanism for the usage of the Rouge Network.


Core Team & Advisors

Naira d'Arcollières


Christophe Le Bars

Chief Architect

Juliette Mage

Project Manager

Edward Cotler

Strategic advisor - Corporate finance expert, ex-VP Goldman Sachs

Zachary Reece

Strategic Advisor - Tech+Finance, BlockTrade Investments

Mark Attwood

Advisor - Ads market guru

Min Jang

Advisor - VP Coopmarketing - Korea's coupon leader

Rene van Pelt

Advisor - Bitcoin since 2011, Panache,

Bob Seeman

Advisor - ex-Microsoft, many startups founder

Padraig Walsh

Advisor - lawyer in Hong Kong

Strategic Partners

A real-world application for the Ethereum platform

the future of digital vouchers is on the blockchain

Voucher markets are waiting for disruption

The growth of digital vouchers is phenomenal but built on inefficient solutions

Works for many kind of vouchers

Discount coupons, event ticket or anything you imagine

Unique usage voucher

Each voucher is in essence a unique key signed by an issuer and a user

Fraud-resistant/non-falsifiable vouchers

Ends counterfeit tickets or coupons! Anyone can verify their authenticity on the blockchain.

A coupon should be non-repudiable voucher!

No user wants to read “this coupon is not valid anymore”

Spam and fraud prevention

One RGE token is burned for each voucher not redeemed

Integrated voucher ad/reselling system

Vouchers can be advertised or resold securely with smart contracts

CPA or CPR payout

Advertisers/Resellers receive payout only if the voucher is acquired (CPA) or redeemed (CPR)

Secondary market

Users are able to exchange vouchers they do not wish to use personally

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