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At Rouge, our mission is to transform the realm of event management. By leveraging blockchain technology in our open-source, permissionless platform, we're injecting transparency, security, and efficiency into the ticketing ecosystem. While we've made significant progress, the journey towards a fully decentralized future still requires generous public support.

Why Your Generosity Matters

In the spirit of open-source and public good, we believe in the collective power to drive change. Your contributions not only fuel our innovation but also validate the importance of democratized technology. Your support will enable the development of key features such as expansion to more EVM chains, gasless QR redemption, and a mobile app for ticket holders, enhancing the user experience and edging us closer to our vision.

How to Contribute

  1. As proud Gitcoin grantees since GR15, we encourage contributions via Gitcoin during active rounds to leverage Quadratic Funding.
    The Gitcoin Grant round 18 is now live :
    Donate now using Gitcoin!

Our Heartfelt Thanks

Your support is vital to us. It not only fuels our progress but also affirms the significance of open-source, decentralized solutions in the digital age. Thank you for believing in the power of Rouge and for being part of this transformative journey.

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We invite you to use Rouge for your events and share your experiences with us. Join our Discord community to engage in event discussions, feature requests, or report issues. Follow us on Twitter . Developers are welcome to explore our internal documentation and start contributing on GitHub

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