Rouge Protocol V2 is live on Arbitrum Nova & Optimism!

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More EVM Chains!

We are committed to deploying Rouge Protocol on many EVM chains, gradually expanding our reach to more users and increasing the versatility of our platform. By deploying on multiple chains, we aim to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for issuers regardless of their preferred blockchain.

Off-line check-in

Rouge Ticket already provides a secure and efficient way to verify attendees' check-ins online, but we are committed to expanding this capability to offline check-ins as well. By implementing secure QR codes, we will enable event organizers to easily verify attendees' check-ins even when they are offline, making the ticketing process even more convenient and reliable. [ the function is already implemented at the protocol level but lacks front end interface ]

More apps!

While Rouge Ticket is designed primarily for ticketing events, the Rouge Protocol is capable of securely tracking a wide range of social and business credentials. This opens up exciting new possibilities beyond ticketing, such as discount coupons, vouchers, or financial pledges between issuers and NFT bearers. We are committed to exploring these possibilities and developing new apps that take full advantage of the versatility and security of the Rouge Protocol.

The future of ecommerce and digital marketing

Self-sovereign, trackable, verifiable, monitizeable, secure and frictionless tickets, vouchers and many other type of business credentials.

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