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Rouge use-cases

Rouge is a blockchain protocol — free and ready to use — to solve the problem of securely transfering certificates of financial value between market participants.

A partial list of use cases for which Rouge opens new and exciting possibilities (let us know if you have any other use case in mind):

  • Ticket (concert, sport, etc)
  • Discount coupons
  • Others vouchers (vacations, social benefits, ...)

Using smart contracts, coupons, vouchers and tickets become trackable, verifiable, monitizeable, secure, frictionless and unique.

Rouge has two main benefits:

  • No fraud (double redemption, repudiation, falsification, etc)
  • Easy clearing house (self evident using the blockchain ledger)

Rouge can be use on-line or off-line (via secure QR code that represent transactions on the protocol.

We already have several Dapp, librairies, tools and guides to help you integrate Rouge in your products (website, mobile apps, etc). Check our documentation for more information.

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