Token Generation Event

The Rouge Token [RGE]


The RGE Token Generation Event will be conducted by the Rouge Foundation OÜ, the Estonian registred entity that supports The Rouge Project.

The SALE TERMS OF RGE TOKENS have been prepared by the law firm Hedman Partners. If you have any questions regarding these Terms, please contact us at Please note you may only purchase the RGE Tokens if you agree to these Terms.

The Rouge Token

An external audit has been conducted by New Alchemy on the Rouge token smart-contract and the Token Generation Event crowdsale smart-contract. The audit found only very minor findings and one moderate issue. The moderate issue was found to be completely fixed during the second review.

There is a bug bounty on all these smart-contracts. Please contact us if you want to participate.

Token nameRouge
Token symbolRGE
Token typeEthereum open source ERC20
Total supply1 billion
TGE distribution500 million maximum
Price per token.000127307447485678 ETH
($0.076 USD, as determined on the 4th June 2018 1pm UTC)
UtilityPlease see our white paper

The TGE will start on the 4th June 2018 6pm UTC and will end on the 8th July 2018 6pm UTC (or earlier if all 500 million tokens are sold before that). Unsold tokens will be transferred to the reserve pool Y+2 if the TGE distribution doesn't reach 500 million.

Token price is .000127307447485678 ETH ( 127307447485678 wei ). It was set to be equivalent to $0.076 (USD) based on the then-current exchange rate between Ether and USD as determined on on 4th June 2018 at 1pm UTC.

The theoretical maximum raise during TGE, and including all RGX tokens pools, is about $18 million (USD).

There will be two project reserves:

  • 300 million tokens will be locked until the end of the TGE + 1 year minimum (reserve pool Y+1)
  • 200 million tokens will be locked until the end of the TGE + 2 year minimum (reserve pool Y+2)

Citizens and residents of and persons located in People’s Republic of China, and the United States of America are prohibited from participating in the TGE.

If you have received RGX tokens, please refer to this page to calculate your discount rights.